Template:Cleanup Template:Cquote2 Template:OTab Template:Object The Sushi-Maker is a dangerous obstacle course that appears in the episode "Life Insurance."


The Sushi-Maker is made up of various dangerous objects, which include lava, spikes, a wheel of coral that crushes against anything that is on the conveyor belt, boxing gloves punching downwards towards the conveyor belt, and mechanical hands that stretch whoever is on the conveyor belt, and then turn them into a ball shape and put them in a cannon that shoots them towards a bell in a school.

Role in episodeEdit

It appears when Template:Link and Template:Link want to put their life insurance to the test and show Template:Link that it works. However, before trying it, SpongeBob and Patrick hand over their life insurance to Squidward as they think he needs it more than they do. Squidward doesn't believe it works at first but after he doesn't get hurt by some devastating coincidences, he finally decides to try the sushi maker. Template:Link then arrives and explains to SpongeBob and Patrick that life insurance won't protect you from anything but gives you money when somebody dies. SpongeBob grabs the life insurance from Squidward's pocket and gives it to Mr. Krabs to sign as he is interested in the money. Mr. Krabs then enthusiastically chants "Go Squidward" so he could get the money if Squidward dies while attempting the course. SpongeBob tries to get him down by shaking the ladder but Squidward falls off the diving board into the course. He lands in a tub of boiling lava, he jumps out in pain and hits the spring and flies into a steel wall. He falls onto the spiky conveyor belt's lever, which turns it on. He then falls onto the conveyor belt and it takes him to the rolling wheel with sharp corals on it. Squidward gets rolled on by the sharp corals, leaving his face bruised. Next, he gets pummeled by boxing gloves until he becomes liquid. The liquefied Squidward falls onto a chair. Four robotic arms grab him, stretch him and roll him up into a ball. He is placed into a cannon which fires him far off into the distance until he hits the high school bell. He falls in front of the front doors just as the high school students march out and trample on top of him, leaving him badly injured in the end.