Squidward's personal secretary

Squidward: Ah, today is the day I get a day away from grease that usually always surrounds me! I wish I could go on vacation but I don't wanna risk leaving by home alone when two bumbling blowheads could easily wreck the havoc out of here.

Secretary: Ah yes. For your service, I will be charging you $3 an hour to watch your house.

Squidward Kinda cheap but okay.

Secretary: What was that I hear?

Squidward: Uh.. nothing. Nevermind.

Squidward: Alright, good bye Bikini Bottom!

[Squidward takes the taxi and off he goes.]

Secretary: Now all I need to do is sit here and just wait. [looks bored]

[coming from outside]

SpongeBob: Pat, should we ask Squidward if we can borrow his house for an experiment?

Patrick: Yea. Our houses won't work and they aren't big or tall enough.

SpongeBob: Okay. [knocks on door politely] [speaks German.] Guten Morgan [speaks Spanish.] señor Squidward.

'Secretary:: Hmm. [thinking to himself] I guess it must be someone here for Squidward. Better tell them he's away.

Secretary: [opens door] Hello there young square and star! Squidward is away now so I don't know if you should use his house for some shenanigans.

SpongeBob: Do you like jellyfishing?

Patrick: Or blowing bubbles?

Secretary: Uh, never really tried that sport.

SpongeBob: C'mon, it's fun. You'll like it.

Secretary: Alright, what can I say? Let's get to it!

[SpongeBob and Patrick introduce the Secretary to the notorious Jellyfish Fields and he starts chasing jellyfish with them.]

Secretary: Ouch, that Jellyfish stung me!

SpongeBob: Jellyfish sometimes sting people when they're scared or angry.

Secretary: How on Earth am I supposed to catch a Jellyfish if I'm being stung all the time.

SpongeBob: You'll get there, we are jellyfish expertise.

'Secretary: [swings arm.] Yes! I caught one. This is a nice sport!

SpongeBob & Patrick: Yea, we LOVE IT!

Secretary: Yeah but I have to do some things for Squidward. I have to file away all his paperwork and file his tax returns.

SpongeBob: Oh please, we want to show you bubble blowing first.

Secretary: [anxiously] Make it quick!

[They all go back to their backyards and SpongeBob introduces the Secretary to the Bubble blowing technique]

SpongeBob: Okay, Secretary, it's all in the technique! [he starts doing his infamous routine.] First go like this, spin around. Stop! Double take three times: one, two, three. Then pelvic thrust! Whoooo! Whooooooo! Stop on your right foot, don't forget it! Now it's time to bring it around town. Bring-it-a-round-town. Then you do this, then this, and this, and that, and-this-and-that-and-this-and-that, and then... [he blows bubbles shaped like ducks.]

Secretary: Woah! So, I guess first, I spin around. [spins] then stop. Double take three times, one, two, three. Then pelvic thrust, whoooo, whoooo, then I have to stop on my right foot, and I can't forget it. Bring it around town, bring-it-a-round-town, then I do this, and this, and this, and this, and that, and this and that, and then.... [blows a huge Gorilla bubble larger than Squidward's house.]

SpongeBob: Yay, you did it!

Secretary: Oh no, the bubble is heading straight for the house!

[Bubble pops at the house and completely dismantles it and Squidward's house is completely destroyed in ashes.]

Secretary: Oh clams! All the paperwork, tax returns, MONEY!

[taxi driving back home, door opens and Squidward gets out with suitcases]

Squidward: [with his eye closed in a happy manner.] I'm back! [walks towards house and opens imagery door] So how'd it go Secretary?

Secretary: [speaks from outside] Not very well you'd imagine.

Squidward: [opens eyes] Oh my goodness! What happened HERE?!

Secretary: It's a long story your master.

Squidward: Then it's better be good then! You're lucky I have insurance or you'd be screwed.

Secretary: Yeah, so.. the day starts off as normal.

[as secretary explains, his voice fades and the scene as well as the episode ends.]