Template:Cleanup Template:OTab Template:Object Mrs. Puff's hair curlers are a beauty supply that Template:Link steals from Mrs. Puff. They appear in the episodes "Hall Monitor" and "Life of Crime" and are mentioned in the episode "Nasty Patty."




"Hall Monitor"Edit

Mrs. Puff wears her hair curlers when she confronts Template:Link about his shenanigans around Bikini Bottom.

"Life of Crime"Edit

They are one of the items that SpongeBob and Template:Link interrogate Mr. Krabs about. He says that the hair curlers were a gift, but after SpongeBob and Patrick leave, he reveals that he did in fact steal them.

"Nasty Patty"Edit

When Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob argue over who had the idea of killing the health inspector, SpongeBob mentions that Mr. Krabs wears hair curlers to bed.