Conch Street Nonsense

French Narrator: Ah, what a beautiful day. Ze' ocean is nice and full of life. Well.. Almost! There they are, at the Krusty Krab!

Squidward: Ah, another day another pickle!

Mr. Krabs: You mean another day another dollar!

Squidward: Oh c'mon Mr. K! Today's Sunday! You have to give us the day off! This is ridiculous!

Mr. Krabs: Hmm! I don't know. It doesn't seem fair in my books but.. Eh, fine! I'll give you lads the day off! But I expect better from you moving forward!

[Squidward walks home and starts relaxing]

Squidward: Finally! Some peace and quiet and I'm alone in my house!

[Squidward starts playing his clarinet until he's interrupted by a yellow sponge.]

SpongeBob: Ahoy there, Mateys! Today's Sunday! Squidward! We're gonna be late for work!

Squidward: Work?! I don't have time for that. We have a day-off!

SpongeBob: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

SpongeBob: Squidward, can't you see? I'm soft!

Squidward: Too soft! Obviously because you're an exotic kitchen sponge.

SpongeBob: That's really fascinating! I just learned something new!

Squidward: You already knew that barnacle-head!

SpongeBob: Oh yea!

Squidward: I suggest you lay off the Ice Cream for a bit so you don't get as dumb as Patrick.

SpongeBob: Ah, Squiddy! You always make me laugh!


[Squidward starts chasing them out of his house like a wild baboon and eventually SpongeBob steps on his clarinet.]

Squidward: NO! Get off my clarinet you idiot!

SpongeBob: Bleh. Oh sorry Squidward!

Squidward: Sorry?! That's coming out of your pay check!

SpongeBob: Oh! Usually that's Mr. Krabs' line. Hey! You're not Mr. Krabs! Back off Octopus!

Squidward: Just get out of my house before I get the full power!

Patrick: Oh no SpongeBob! Let's run for our lives!

SpongeBob: Good idea! I'd rather go Jellyfishing!

Patrick: Yeah!

[SpongeBob and Patrick go Jellyfishing only to come back to Squidward's house a minute later.]

Squidward: Ah. Finally some peace and quiet! Now that those hooligans are gone, everything is well at last!

[SpongeBob and Patrick start knocking on the door.]

Squidward: GO AWAY!

[SpongeBob and Patrick break the door down.]

SpongeBob: We're back! We missed you dearly!

Squidward: I'm sorry. Did I speak another language when It old you guys to GO AWAY!

Patrick: Fine, I'll go away!

SpongeBob: Same! We don't need Squidward!

[SpongeBob and Patrick go back to their homes. Squidward goes back to dancing, playing the piano, and enjoying the peace until he gets bored.]

Squidward: Eh, I'm getting kinda bored. I should go pull a prank on those goofy nut heads. Hehe.

[Squidward secretly travels to Patrick's rock and replaces a pillow with a whoopie cushion. Patrick notices the noise and wakes up.]

Patrick: Oh hi there Squidward! Nice weather we're having!

Squidward: Fools! I placed a whoopie cushion as your pillow! Ahe hahaha


[Squidward starts running towards SpongeBob's house with Patrick not far behind.]

Squidward: Ah Squiddy! Let's make this one count!

[Squidward sticks a sea spider up SpongeBob's nose. SpongeBob wakes up startled.]

SpongeBob: Ahhhh! Who put that there!

Patrick: It was Squidward! Get him!

[The neighbors run out of the house. SpongeBob and Patrick chase Squidward to a nearby fireworks station.]

Squidward: Out of my way, security guards! I have to launch the rocket and get outta here!

Security guard: Wait! Don't push that red button, that fires the..

@everyone except Squidward: FIREWORKS.

[Squidward miraculously pushes the button before everyone finished saying that word.]

Squidward: Oh boy! Here we go again..

[The fireworks were launched and lands on Conch Street on all three houses destroying all of the neighbors' homes!]

Squidward: Not again! That's gonna cost me a fortune!

SpongeBob: Want a fortune cookie, Squidward? They might be lucky.

Squidward: Okay.

Squidward opens the cookie and this is what it says: